Leonardo da Vinci, Son of the Supreme Mother Hymn and Alchemy song are hidden in The Last Supper!

Namae Takahiko(構成/文)、Namae Takahiko(作曲)、Namae Takahiko(作画)



Leonardo da Vinci, Son of the Supreme Mother This book lights the depths of Leonard 's heart. Indeed, Leonardo's works are full of the symbols of "Alchemy" and "Philosopher's Stone"! His three works, "The Last Supper" “Virgin of the Rocks (Louvre)” and “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne” are concealing the musical scores of Christian hymns and alchemy songs, respectively. In my opinion, it is the traditional mysteries since Byzantine Icon to conceal the hymn score in religious paintings. However, painters who hide alchemy songs in religious paintings are none except Leonardo. Why was Leonardo so obsessed with alchemy so much! That is the theme of this book. Then, please see the unknown aspect of Leonardo.
Leonardo da Vinci, Son of the Supreme Mother


Contents Prologo, 11 PART Ⅰ Two Hidden Songs in The Last Supper of Leonardo, 17 Chapter 1 Hidden Song 1 The first hidden song on the vertical musical scale: Traditional Mysteries---Religious Hymn, “In verità”, 19 Chapter 2 Hidden Song 2 The second hidden song on the horizontal musical scale: Non-traditional Mysteries---Alchemy Song, 53 PART Ⅱ Other "Last Supper"s Three works of The Last Supper by other painters, 81 Chapter 3 Rubens, “The Last Supper” (1630–1631), 83 Chapter 4 Tintoretto, “The Last Supper” (1592–94), 91 Chapter 5 Domenico Ghirlandaio, the Last Supper (Ultima Cena, 1480), 99 PART Ⅲ Abundant Symbols of the alchemy in the works of Leonardo, 103 Chapter 6 Representative works Leonardo's works are full of the symbols of "Alchemy" and "Philosopher's Stone"! Let's see the Alchemy Songs and Alchemy Signs and Alchemic Structures. 105 1. Madonna of the Carnation(1478-80)- - - Sign, 106 2. The Last Supper(1494-98)- - - Song and Sign, 108 3. Virgin of the Rocks (Louvre) ≪1483~94?+1507~13 (Namae Theory)≫ - - - Song, Sign and Structure, 109 4. The Virgin and Child with St. Anne (circa 1510) - - - Song, Sign and Structure, 116 5. (Left) The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist (c. 1506–8 or c. 1499–1500) National Gallery, London - - - Sign, 121 6. St. John the Baptist(1513-16)- - - Sign and Song, 122 7. Mona Lisa ( La Gioconda in Italian; circa1503-05) - - - Sign, 126 Chapter 7 The List of alchemy signs and musical signs hidden in Leonardo’s works, 131 PART Ⅳ What drove Leonardo to the Philosopher's Stone? 137 Chapter 8 How did Leonardo evaluate alchemy? 139 Chapter 9 ”Visita Interiora Leonardo!”--- Visit to the deep inside of Leonardo! 141 PART Ⅴ The infinite longing for Mother and The Impossible Dreams of Leonardo da Vinci, 149 Chapter 10 The infinite longing for Mother, 151 Chapter 11 The Impossible Dream No1: Leonardo- Pygmalion Theory, 159 Chapter 12 The Impossible Dream No. 2: Leonardo - the filius regius Theory the filius regius; the son of the supreme mother, 167 Epilogo; The Last Supper truly had hidden songs! 173 Precautionary statement, 181 Appendix: reason why Botticelli's La Primavera (Spring) and Nascita di Venere (The Birth of Venus) are on the profile of Leonardo, 183